Terms of delivery

For UK customersPrices shown on the webshop include tansportation costs to UK mainland, based on a minimum order of 2 trolleys

The following prices are used for packing materials. Since the Brexit we are oblligated to use pallets that meet the ISPM-15 standard for transport to the UK. This explains the higher prices for pallets and pallet boxes.

 Cardboard box €0.70
 Black crate low €3.00
 Black crate high €3.60
 Pallet ISPM-15 €10.50
 Box pallet ISPM-15 €32.00

Empty crates, boxes and pallets can be returned to us after appointment only.

If returned in good condition, we will refund these as follows;

 Black crate low €2.70
 Black crate high €3.25
 Pallet ISPM-15 €9.45
 Box pallet ISPM-15 €28.80

CC-trolleys must be returned immediately upon delivery.

In all other cases, the terms of delivery of Royal Authos apply. 

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